Tesla’s Software Version 9 is proving to be one of the company’s most significant updates, debuting a number of new features that were notably mentioned by Elon Musk on Twitter. Among these is Tesla’s built-in Dashcam, which started rolling out to some of the company’s fleet this week. A first look at the built-in Dashcam in action was also recently shared online.

Tesla’s built-in Dashcam using Autopilot cameras is only compatible with vehicles equipped with the company’s updated hardware. Tesla’s updated Owner’s Manual notes that Dashcam may not be available in certain regions or in electric cars that were built prior to August 1, 2017. With this first iteration, Dashcam is only activated when the vehicle is powered on. The feature only utilizes video feed from the narrow forward-facing camera as well.

A recently uploaded video posted by Model 3 owner Marc Benton on YouTube has provided a first look at the recordings captured by his vehicle’s narrow forward-facing camera. The footage from the Model 3’s built-in Dashcam is actually surprisingly clear and high-quality, particularly since the video was taken at night. A screenshot of the Dashcam footage’s details was also shared by the Model 3 owner, revealing that the electric car’s narrow forward-facing camera was recording at 1280 x 960 pixels with a frame rate of 36 fps. The ~1 minute footage, which was recorded on .mp4 format, also took up 29.3 MB of storage, translating to a consumption of less than 2 GB per hour of video.