Tesla is making its Model 3 presence in Europe known with the latest display of its all-electric sedan in one of the world’s busiest airports for international passenger traffic. In an appeal to potential customers in the European region, Tesla proudly displayed its newest vehicle in Lounge 1 of the Schengen area of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. A photo posted of the Model 3 in the airport showed the car covered from view by a cloth; however, according to observations noted by other users on the site, the cover was being removed periodically and concealing a red Model 3. A similar Model 3  had been on display in Hoog Catharijn, a large mall in the center of Utrecht, earlier in the month.

Tesla Model 3 displayed at Schipol airport in Amsterdam [Credit: PacmanGoNomNomz via Reddit]

Prior to the arrival of the first Model 3 shipments in Europe, part of Tesla’s efforts to ramp excitement for the vehicle’s arrival in the market included sending out test drive event invites at the end of January. Customers in European regions, such as Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Germany, were provided the opportunity to schedule drives between January 25th and February 9th in select locations.