Just a few days ago, an article here at CleanTechnica expressed why Tesla needs more models and trims. Although the author probably meant those to come from Tesla itself, not from a coach builder, the timing of the article was perfect. Because just a day earlier, Dutch site zerauto.nl showed an amazing Tesla Model S shooting brake. The modified Model S was made by Remetzcar, who previously built a hearse based on a Model S. (CleanTechnica had an exclusive experience with that hearse last year.)

An Even Hotter Tesla Shooting Brake

A “shooting brake” might be a bit of a strange name, and according to Wikipedia, it had a lot of different meanings. One definition is that it is an (often custom built) estate car based on a sports car, and this new one’s owner, Floris de Raadt, is a big fan of this niche in car design. After having owned several, he had a long-standing wish to have his own one designed. Since he is also fan of electric cars, his own early Model S 85 was used for the conversion.

It isn’t the first shooting brake made of a Model S, though. The first one was discussed at CleanTechnica at the end of January. I met Floris in late 2017, when his project was already running and he was aware of the British project from QWest. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to win the race for “first Tesla Model S shooting brake.” Looking at the result now, it seems to me that he, the team a Remetzcar, and designer Niels van Roij took their time to make the best Model S shooting brake instead of the first.

Comparing the two rear sides from almost the same angle, the long flat roof and the big black tinted windows of QWest’s creation (the second photo directly above) are a bit out of line with the original if you ask me. The sloping roof, the nicely integrated spoiler, small rear windows, and beautiful big chrome strips on the Remetz Tesla (the first image directly above and all other images in this article) really integrate well into the original design. [Editor’s note: I totally agree. This one is hot!]

Where the QWest conversion is clearly a Model S with something extra on the back, the Remetz conversion makes a normal model S look like it is missing something.

Of course, there is a matter of taste in this — a big one. One could also say the QWest conversion is more modern and therefore a better fit to a modern car like the Model S compared to the classical look of the Remetz conversion.

For this conversion, the early Model S got a nose of the new model. But the biggest changes are at the back: the original C-pillar was removed and replaced with a hand-built new one. The tailgate is completely new, with the integrated spoiler, a 3rd brake light, and a concealed window wiper. All body panels were handcrafted. More beautiful pictures of the car (including some of the work in progress) together with the whole story can be read on the Remetz site.

While its own site doesn’t mention any numbers, the article on zerauto says a limited number of 20 Remetz Model S Shooting Brakes can be built. Interested customers should bring their own Model S and an estimated €60,000 to get one.

Will an Estate version ever be in the showroom of Tesla? As long as Tesla is busy ramping up Model 3 production, getting a Semi out, designing and engineering the new Roadster as well as a Model Y and probably a Pickup … I think it will take a while. Up till then, we will have to do with very beautiful and very exclusive conversions.